All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.

LA offices

May 2023 // Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Porter Greene’s paintings are an intimate exploration of her love for the landscape, imbued with her personal connection and concern for the natural environment. Through excursions into nature, Porter Greene feels, observes and paints in order to understand our connection to the natural world. Greene records the seasonal shifts in the landscape, capturing symbols that become fixed in her mind. These include the seasonal change of native flora, charred bushland, wildflowers, flowing rivers, moving clouds. These images and memories are taken back to the studio where further exploration and experimentation occurs.

Porter Greene’s reflective studio practice uses feeling to create direct and honest painted memories of the landscape.

Microcosm, Outback will explore the en plein recordings created on a trip to Corner Country in July 2022, which inspired and impacted the artist.

Bonnie Porter Greene is represented by Jennings Kerr.