I'm a multi-disciplinary creative living on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

I see beauty in decay, am a lover of the landscape – built and natural. I am drawn to found type, the beauty of the everyday, decaying things as well as forgotten or unnoticed places.

I love colour, ghost signs, handcrafted & wonky things.

As an artist, I mostly make paintings, but am always involved in an array of creative projects, from collaborations with poets, small business owners, community groups, pre-schools & photographers

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my team

Bonnie Porter Greene

creative director

Bonnie Porter Greene

Remi the Beaglier

creative assistant

Here's a pic of me leaning awkwardly against a wall in Hong Kong, when overseas travel was a thing we could easily do. Teschka took it.

I've had a broad creative career, spanning visual merchandising, arts admin, artistic producer, archiving, art collection management, artist, gallery assistant. I utilise all those skills in the creative work I do and have a regular, dedicated studio painting practise. I simply LOVE to paint.

Remi is a Beagle x King Charles Cavalier. A lot Beagle (nose on the ground always) and a tiny bit KCK (not sure which bit yet). He joined our family early 2020 & gives us much joy (and mess). He likes chooks, underpants & socks. I hope he matures enough to come painting with me.

I love the diversity of my work as it helps keep the creative juices flowing. I take my work seriously but am a big believer that personality must carry through with my clients and projects – I’m a real person and I want to share laughs with you when we work together!

Try and curb my enthusiasm – you will likely fail!

what do i do?

Commercially I work across graphic design, illustration & murals. My working week might include a rebranding project, colour palette selections, making documents spunkier & easier to read, building a Squarespace website, painting an illustration on a shop window, art workshops with pre-schoolers, or helping select plants, furniture and wall colours for commercial interiors.

Interior & exterior commercial illustration & murals

I'd love to work with you!

some places to find my creations

Graz, Austria

Nowra, Australia

South Coast Style Magazine