WORKSHOP // Look Twice APRIL 23


Friday 23rd April // 7pm til 8.30pm

Would you like a relaxing couple of hours with a couple of friends, a glass of local wine and some lovely art materials?

Sit and focus on one thing for a change! 

$90 includes all materials & a glass of Woodhill Mountain Wine

Bonnie Porter Greene + Woodhill Mountain Wines are coming together to make a lovely Friday evening out/in at their Winery in Berry. Some mindfulness in the form of gouache & pen illustration techniques that Bonnie uses for herself in times of stress & overwhelm.

Woodhill Mountain Wines, 141 Woodhill Mountain Road, Berry

LIMITED TO 6 persons

Only 6 left in stock

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In this workshop we will take the most boring everyday objects and draw them. Sound exciting? No, not really!

Trust me, as an artist, I see the world a little differently. I see beauty in everyday objects, places, buildings, signs, streets. Hidden, forgotten things and places are exciting to me!

I will help you see the beauty in the everyday.

I will supply all materials, and some objects for us to draw – but I would also like you to either look in your handbag, or around your house for something that you might not normally look twice at – lipstick, a favourite worn down pencil, the pencil sharpener your best friend gave you in primary school…it can be anything, as long as you can put it in your pocket and you wouldn’t look twice at it or call it ‘beautiful’.

At the end you will have a lovely little illustration to take home – that you made!

Woodhill Mountain Wines are proud to produce a wine of such quality and flavour without the use of pesticides and fungicides. One glass of wine is part of your evening and bottles will be available to purchase.