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What’s included?

  • Set of 12 high quality Derwent Inktense paints in travel case
  • A5 high quality hardcover sketchbook, 62 pages
  • Sakura Pigma pen
  • Water brush
  • POSTAGE INCLUDED within Australia

Minimum quantity is 1
Step is 1


Derwent Inktense Travel Paint Pan Set (12 colours)

Many watercolour travel kits have been tested before deciding on this set!

Ideal for travel with everything needed to paint on the go, each set contains highly lightfast Inktense paint pans, a mini waterbrush, a sponge and a mixing palette.

Inktense is suitable for use on paper and fabric for a wide range of fine art and craft projects. Unlike traditional watercolour, washes of vivid paint can be applied without dissolving previously dried layers.

Professional quality, all colours in these sets are 100% lightfast. I’ll include a HOW TO info sheet as well. This kit will last YEARS!

A5 sketchbook 62 pages (or leaves as we say in the art world)

150gsm ivory coloured cartridge paper in a hard cloth like black cover. The wonderful feature of these diaries is that they can be used with watercolour, gouache, pencil, charcoal and acrylic as well as fabric paints. Acid free and archival safe, any work created in these diaries can be framed and will be long lasting. You can throw these diaries around a bit and they stand the test of being in the bottom of your handbag/art bag/floor of the car/out in the bush etc

1 x Sakura Pigma Pen

If you haven’t used a Pigma, your world is about to change! Pigma Graphic markers have been designed to meet the specific needs of Graphic Artists, Designers and Illustrators etc. These pens will write on virtually any porous surface and are especially suited to tracing paper and vellum. You can illustrate with this pen and then use wet media such as the gouache in this pack and it won’t smear or smudge. We absolutely love them here!

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